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  • FlowArt Needle Free ValveMedical Devices, Pharma

     · A3010 FlowArt Needle Free Injection Valve Triple LumenPriming Volume 0.42ml. Length 10cm Flow rate 145ml/min 100 A3010CV FlowArt Needle Free Injection Valve Triple Lumen with Check ValvePriming Volume 1.6ml. Length 11cm Flow rate 120ml/min 100 Fannin FlowArt Needle Free Injection Valve Manufactured by Asset Medical

  • Smartsite Needleless Valve Luer LockUSL Medical

    Smartsite Needleless Valve Luer Lock. Protect your clinicians with a proven design while maximizing the value of your existing Alaris™ Pump module and gravity administration sets. The BD SmartSite™ needle-free connector gives you the peace of mind of protecting your clinicians with a brand that has been in market for more than 20 years and

  • BD I.V Sets and Accessories

    Needle-Free Connectors. MaxZero™ Needle-Free Connector(s) NeutraClear™ Needle-Free Connector(s) SmartSite™ needle-free valve. Alaris™ GP Series Primary infusion set with 15μm chamber filter. Infusion set. 10ml enteral sterile safety syringe. Browse Our Dedicated Sets. Back to Top


     · BAG SPIKE WITH SMARTSITE® NEEDLE-FREE VALVE AND CHECK VALVE ALARIS Medical Systems, Inc. FAX (858) WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS Customer Service (800) 10221 Wateridge Circle In Canada call (800)

  • SmartSite needle-free valveBD

    The SmartSite needle-free valve helps to protect your staff from potential and harmful injuries. With a smooth, swabable surface designed to help clinicians disinfect every access point, our SmartSite technology comes standard on our extensive line of IV sets and accessories that includes primary, gravity, secondary and extension sets.

  • BD SmartSite™ Extension Set 15cm Needle-Free Valve

    BD SmartSite™ Extension set come with SmartSite needle-free valve. DEHP-free fluid path extension sets, and extension sets in small bore and standard bore tubing sizes with varying priming volumes depending on the tubing size and length.

  • Needle Free Infusion SetMedical Device Manufacturer in

     · 81″ MV Set Vented, Vented Spike 60 Drops-ml with Handle/Latex Free MV Cylinder 150ml/Fluid Filter-15 micron/Micro Drip Tube/Shut-Off Valve/ Flow Regulator/Needle-Free Injection ‘Y’ Site/Slide Clamp Rotating Luer Lock Male Adaptor with Cap/2.7mm x 3.9mm PVC Tubing-Length 25 135 15cm/EO Sterile/Paper Poly Pack / Quantities per Carton = 80 pcs

  • Medical Check Valves & Hemostasis Valves Qosina

    The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure. When the set pressure is exceeded, the valve is forced open and a portion of the fluid or gas is diverted through an auxiliary route. Valve Accessories. Find assembly cuffs for medical valves in a variety of colors in our inventory.

  • CareFusion Alaris Pump Module 4MD Medical Solutions

    Pump Module Set with Check Valve, (2) Roller Clamps, (3) SmartSite Needle-Free Valves, 6", 37", 93" (1 Above Pumping Segment and 2 Below) from 2-Piece Male Luer Lock CF In Stock

  • Needlefree Swabable Valves Nordson MEDICAL

    Designed to Combat Infection in Medical Applications. Our cost-efficient needle-free swabable valve series is designed to reduce the risk of infection when injecting or aspirating fluids for applications including The hermetic septum seal reduces the risk of biofilm formation and contamination.

  • Needle & Needle-Free Injection Ports & Sites Qosina

    The bag access valves in our collection offer port sizes of 0.16-inch (4.1 mm) ID and 0.27-inch (6.9 mm) OD. Male luer slip connector medical injection sites and male luer lock connector needle-free injection sites conveniently connect the needleless medical injection site to standard female luer connections.


     · BAG SPIKE WITH SMARTSITE® NEEDLE-FREE VALVE AND CHECK VALVE ALARIS Medical Systems, Inc. FAX (858) WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS Customer Service (800) 10221 Wateridge Circle In Canada call (800)

  • B Braun Medical Small Bore Extension Sets Needle Free

    Buy B Braun Medical Small Bore Extension Sets Needle Free 470100, 470101, 470102, 470103, 470104, 470105, 470106, 470107, 474921, 473448, 473438, 473442, NF1320

  • Primary Gravity IV Administration Sets by BD Medline

    IV Gravity Set with Roller Clamps, 1 SmartSite Needle-Free Valve 9" from 2-Piece Male Luer Lock, 104", 17 mL Priming Volume, 20-Drop, Non-DEHP. IV Gravity Set with Back Check Valve, Roller Clamps, 2 SmartSite Y-Sites 4" and 83" from Fixed Male Luer Lock, 105", 21

  • IV Products & AccessorIesMedline

     · DYNDTN1512 96" IV Administration Set w/ 2 Needle Free Y-Sites Universal Drip Chamber, Check Valve, 2 Needle-Free Y-Sites, Non-Removable Slide Clamp, Roller Clamp 50/cs Drops/mL 15 Item No. Description Pkg DYNDTN2524 92" IV Administration Set w/ 1 Needle Free Y-Site, Flow Controller with Universal Drip Chamber, Pinch Clamp, Rotating Male Luer Lock

  • KPM Healthcare

     · One Way PU Extension Set With One Needle Free Valve Ref. BI-1000 Two Way PU Extension Set With Two Needle Free Valve Two Way PU Extension Set With Two Needle Free Valve Ref. BI-2000P Three Way PU Extension Set With Three Needle Free Valve Ref. BI-3000 Vial Access Cap Bag Spike With Needle Free Valve Ref BSK-100 Vented Bag Spike With

  • Needleless IV Sets, Needle Free IV Sets Emergency

    Needless IV sets are the needle-free option for administering IVs to patients. We carry Needleless IV Sets in various styles and lengths to suit your needs. Shop popular brands, like B. Braun and Baxter, from Emergency Medical Products (EMP) today.

  • SmartSite® Needle-Free Valve, Infusion Smiths Medical

     · The SmartSite® Needle-Free Valve is one of the most widely used needle-free systems in the world. The patented SmartSite® Valve is a swabable, capless, 2-way valve for injection/gravity/pump flow or aspiration of fluids. The SmartSite® Valve is a

  • Needleless I.V. Access System SSS Australia Medical

    Smartsite Valve I.V. Bung Needle Free Connector (2000E7D) . (B100) Increase value Decrease value. Quantity In Cart 0. Add to cart. Add to Compare. Added to Compare.

  • Small Bore Extension Sets Needle-FreeB. Braun Medical

     · Small Bore Y-extension Set with Two Removable ULTRASITE ® Valves Extension Set Priming Volume 0.80 mL Length 7.5 in. 474517. open. Small bore T-port extension set with bonded ULTRASITE ® valve Extension Set Priming Volume 0.66 mL Length 5.5 in. 473449.

  • SafeflowB. Braun

     · Safeflow is a needle-free valve that can be used for infusion and transfusion therapy. It is designed for aspiration, injection, or gravity flow of fluids upon insertion of a male luer fitting. The valve allows multiple usage through activation of the needle-free connector by attaching a luer slip / luer lock connector such as a syringe.

  • Autofusion Enhance IV SetsMedical Devices, Pharma

     · 1029DFXMYAFE Autofusion Enhance IV Set with air vent, 180cm tubing, 3-way connector, 50 with needle-free valve, 120cm extension tubing, rotating luer connector 1048B2MYAFE Autofusion Enhance IV Set with air vent, 260cm tubing, back check valve, 50 two needle-free valve Y-sites, rotating luer connector Fannin (UK) Ltd.

  • Rocket Thoracentesis Catheter 8FgRocket Medical

    R Rocket 8FG Thoracentesis Set with 8Fg safety needle mounted catheter to give the best combination of drainage with superior insertion characteristics plus increased protection from the risk of needle stick injury. Contents 8Fg catheter with 6 fenestrations, 1 cm markings that start 1cm from last fenestration, one way valve, stitch plate, tubing extension, 3-way tap.

  • FlowArt Triple Lumen Needle Free Valve — Stark Medical

    FlowArt Triple Lumen Needle Free Valve. FlowArt® triple lumen needle-free valve port is an extension set with needle-free valves which has fully transparent clear housing with an integrated flat silicone seal and internal fluid pathway that protects the patient and nursing staff from exposures. Quantity 100 / Box Prod

  • Needle-free intravenous connectorsincompatibility and

     · When the valve is activated by an IV device with a male Luer fitting, such as a syringe (without a needle) or an administration set, the fluid pathway is opened to allow the administration of

  • Alaris Medical SET, BURETTE, NEEDLE FREE

    Alaris Medical , SET, BURETTE, NEEDLE FREE VALVE PORTS 20, 10/CS OVERSTOCK SALE — Shop IV Products, Surgical Supplies & Much More 25,000 Happy Customers